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The experts choice: Food & Beverage

Best quality for parts in contact with the product Market leader, Krones AG, founded in 1951 in Germany, designs, develops, manufactures and installs systems around the world for filling and packaging technology, conforming to the High-Purity Standards. Krones AG provides [...]
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Altering Perceptions: TIG welding in the Oil and Gas industry

TIG welding
Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) commonly known as, tungsten inert gas welding (TIG), has always been considered to be a particularly complicated joining process. The necessary equipment was expensive and subject to significant investments, shielding gas of the required purity [...]
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Polysoude UK

Polysoude has a longstanding, global reputation for its commitment to innovative design, manufacture of cutting edge equipment and the fulfilment of customer requirements. The Polysoude UK sales and service team plays a valuable part in upholding this tradition of outstanding [...]
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Master Classes at NAMRC

The International event was held at the Nuclear AMRC, in Sheffield, where a record number of technicians, managers and industrialists attended, all eager to gain first-hand knowledge of the latest technological developments in mechanised and orbital TIG welding and cladding. The [...]
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Technovation India

Over 100 participants took part in the event, during which the Polysoude India team gave live demonstrations in orbital welding, automated Narrow Groove welding and weld overlay cladding, in their brand new showroom. Mr. Mariner, C.E.O. of the Polysoude Group, opened the [...]
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Polysoude shows its expertise

The years 2015 and early 2016 have once more been a period of dialogue and sharing of ideas between Polysoude and its customers. Through various events, Polysoude has shown its willingness to listen to the needs of its industrial partners. Open Days have been organised in [...]
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TIGer Technology Study

Tests on the new TIGer technology have been conducted by the Italian Welding Institute. Developed, manufactured and provided by Polysoude, specialist in orbital welding and in the construction of automated and robotic welding and cladding equipment, TIGer [...]
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Condemned to Innovate

It has been half a century already since Polysoude has given itself the objective to meet industrial requirements through innovative solutions with a considerable added value and proficiency. To be able to accomplish this, the entity of the group Global Welding Technologies [...]
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The ITER Project

The ITER project represents a unique challenge for the assembly of workpieces, particularly on site, due to required precision after assembly and last but not least the quality (zero defects). One of the main questions is the pre-conditions required in terms of mechanical [...]
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Polysoude Spain

The Polysoude sales and service team is well known for their major qualities in terms of customer proximity and commitment. They are present all over the world in metalworking industries. This is also true for Spain, where the demand for sales and services in the field of [...]
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