Orbital welding and automated welding

Orbital TIG welding processes in evolving automation solutions – picture the perfect weld!

POLYSOUDE provides a wide standard range of orbital welding equipment, for orbital TIG/GTAW tube and pipe welding, as well as automated solutions integrating the latest technologies.

Two out of every three users worldwide rely on POLYSOUDE solutions and their guarantee of the highest weld quality and maximum productivity. POLYSOUDE has a complete range of open and closed welding heads and orbital welding power sources, dedicated to diverse applications such as:

  • tube to tube welding
  • tube to tubesheet welding
  • every size of wall thickness from thin to thick
  • welding tools for every type of workpiece

Modular welding heads and tools easily adapt to various applications covering a wide range of diameters, wall thicknesses and workpiece geometries.

Orbital TIG Welding Machine & Equipment, Orbital Tube and Pipe Welding: Polysoude

An orbital welding installation is generally composed of the following equipment:

  • a programmable power source with a remote control pendant
  • a welding head
  • a wire feeding device, if required by the application

In addition to its range of orbital tube and pipe welding equipment, POLYSOUDE provides complete automated installations for the TIG/GTAW, Cold/Hot Wire and Plasma process as well as related combinations, to meet all your requirements. Only automated welding can guarantee limited heat input during welding, thereby safeguarding the material properties.
POLYSOUDE hardware solutions, in conjuction with extensive welding services, are the guarantee that all customers will meet their production goals.
Special installations are designed according to customer needs. They generally consist of:

  • a welding power source
  • workpiece or torch manipulators, such as a column and boom, positioner or a robot.

All of these installations can be completed with data acquisition and video components.

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