POWin Upgrade: new design, new features – the most powerful welding software ever

"Not the most beautiful, nor the most shiny, but the most efficient!"


After many years of good and loyal services, the POW software deserved to be updated while keeping what made its success: its efficiency. It therefore became "POWin", continuing to offer infinite possibilities while having its ergonomy and security reinforced:

Some examples for the improvements:

  • Choice of two types of profiles: USER and EXPERT (administrator)
    • POWin will work like the GUI of the P4 or P6 with two different profiles:
      • The "operator profile" with only a limited number of actions available
        The "programmer profile" with all functions enabled.
    • Possibility to create work masks and to secure programs by a password
    • Better readability for non-experts with disabled functions that are only accessible to experts and cannot be modified by the operator.
  • Creation of a standard pool of compatible equipment in a single database, which simplifies the installation and management of our equipment.


  • Addition of the "Backspace" function (CTRL+Z for Windows)
    • Mistakes are part of the process to reach perfection, let's not be afraid to go back!
  • Graphical update

The sequential program technology has not changed and is still used by professionals, so the operation is the same with a more ergonomic, pleasant interface that limits the risk of error for you and your staff.

polysoude user profile
Polysoude expert profile

"I already have a PC Smart Welding Station, can I upgrade my old version of POW to this new one?"

Yes, it is possible to upgrade your equipment with POWin. However, make sure to export your POW program settings and inject them in your new POWin version. Conversely, you can't switch from POWin back to POW.

To sum up, POWin remains a programmable interface and if you use POWin in expert/administrator mode, its operation will be similar to the old POW. If you use it with protective masks and don't need to have the access to all parameters, POWin becomes an GUI type user interface.

Icone export polysoude POWin

⬇️ Let's take a closer look at the new content offered by this update.⬇️

POWin's template upgrade:

The changes made to the POWin template concern:

  • Updated and modern icons
  • User-friendly fonts and colour
  • Shortened file names (visible at the top of the program)

To illustrate all these improvements, here are some visual examples of the modifications mentioned above.

These pictures are before and after modules: click on the circle and move to the right to see the old POWin version or to the left for the new POWin version. Have fun!

POWin's functionalities upgrade:

The changes made to the POWin template mainly concern the creation of two different profiles: User and Expert (Administrator).

  • The expert/administrator profile can create protection masks:
    • grey cells are protected ones, the user can't modify them
    • This is the administrator view, with a user-mode simulation
  • These masks are protected by a password
  • See by yourself below: new POWin protection masks User compared to Administrator views

See pictures below: here are some visual examples of the modifications mentioned above.

> See by yourself: new POWin protection masks User compared to Administrator views

Further information

Release date: POWin will be released in September 2021

For more information, please contact your sales contact: