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Your reliable partner in orbital welding...

Polysoude are experts in orbital TIG welding, our highly efficient equipment for mechanized, automated, robotic and automatic welding systems is highly ranked in its field of proficiency on a global basis.

To create new application opportunities in orbital welding, our specialists work on fully and semi-automated welding techniques including Robotic Welding Solutions, focusing on such processes as GTAW (Gas -Tungsten Arc Welding), MIG/MAG (Metal Inert Gas/Metal Active Gas Welding) and PAW (Plasma Arc Welding).
The company Polysoude works hard to give the competitive edge to its customers by continually increasing the productivity of its Orbital Welding Equipment & Mechanized Welding Systems; providing both equipment together with welding expertise as part of their globally orientated business:

  • Orbital Tube and Pipe welding as well as Tube to Tube-Sheet welding of any diameter and wall thickness
  • Fully Programmable Mechanized & Robotic Automated Welding Solutions
  • High Deposition GTAW Cladding (weld overlay) for corrosive resistance coatings or hard facing applications  by means of both “Hot & Cold Wire” Gas Tungsten Arc Welding processes and TIGer bicathode technology


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Polysoude are represented in more than 50 countries world-wide to create and maintain good business relationships with its customers, a team of highly acclaimed welding experts and application specialists feature among its 250+ employees charged to take special care of particularly difficult welding problems.

With over 60 years’ experience in Orbital Tube & Pipe Welding Equipment; Polysoude are active in the industrial sectors of Aeronautics/ Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Food, Dairy and Beverage, in addition to Chemicals, Pharmaceutics, Semi-Conductors, Nuclear and Fossil Fuelled Power Plants, to name but a few.
The GTAW and PAW processes remain more than ever in the heart of our expertise in the conception of orbital welding machines and solutions for weld overlay cladding. Automation is our core business, and the result of our mastery of processes.


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