Your reliable partner in orbital and automated welding and cladding... Polysoude is renowned for its expertise in orbital TIG welding, with an extensive product range which includes highly efficient equipment for mechanised, automated, robotic and automatic welding systems, as well as solutions for weld overlay cladding applications.

Automated welding

POLYSOUDE TIG Cold and Hot Wire welding WeldingThe TIG Cold Wire, Hot Wire and Plasma processes remain more than ever at the heart of our expertise in the conception of orbital welding machines as well as automated and robotic welding solutions.
Automation is our core business, and the result of our mastery of the above mentioned welding processes.
Over 25 welding application specialists worldwide take special care of particularly difficult welding applications.
With over 60 years of experience in orbital tube & pipe welding equipment, Polysoude is active in the industrial sectors of Aeronautics/ Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Food, Beverage, in addition to Chemicals, Pharmaceutics, Semi-Conductors, Heat Exchangers, Power Generation, to name but a few.

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Weld overlay cladding

Polysoude TIG and TIGer weld overlay claddingThe main advantages of the TIG Cold and Hot Wire compared to other processes are the use in all positions, the excellent surface quality, the clean result without spatters… zero defect.
The TIGer technology is a Polysoude innovation based on the TIG process and designed to guarantee quality, increase significantly the deposition rate and reduce dilution.
All the above mentioned processes can be used with our vertical and horizontal cladding RIG installations.
Our weld overlay / cladding solutions are mainly used in the oil & gas sector as well as in the Power generation industry.
Our 25 experts in weld overlay / cladding are at your disposal worldwide to guide and support you in your projects.

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