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Technical assistance

Our welding expertise - with you on site!

Polysoude Welding Services - on site assistance

What we can provide:

  • 25 first-class welding experts available to assist you on-site
  • Most advanced modern arc welding technology
  • Use of latest technologies
  • Guaranteed high quality welding
  • Solutions to optimise productivity and weld quality
  • Preventive maintenance and repairs
  • Advanced operator training
  • Troubleshooting

Remote support: as if we were right there with you!

Polysoude services - Remote assistance

How does it work?

We can help you via phone or via internet or can access the control computer via the internet in order to check the POLYSOUDE software setup!

What are the advantages?

  • Immediate response minimises downtime
  • Efficient advice on welding programs
  • Remote diagnostic and immediate troubleshooting
  • Multilingual telephone assistance availability