Orbital welding and automated welding

Automated welding


Turnkey solutions for automated welding with “zero defects”

POLYSOUDE’s custom built equipment and automated welding systems are renowned for their technical excellence, they have been adopted by leading global companies and state of-the-art manufacturers.

POLYSOUDE provides complete integrated systems to meet all automatic welding requirements and handle the most complex applications:

  • Hot / Cold Wire TIG Welding, Plasma welding and process combinations
  • Welding of difficult materials such as titanium, duplex, zirconium, aluminium etc.
  • Heavy wall Narrow Groove welding
  • Combining all kinds and sizes of workpieces, multiaxis manipulators and torch supports, MIG welding automation included

Welding Power Sources for automated welding

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Cutting edge equipment for a variety of applications

A welding power source for automated applications is composed of several integrated subunits, each with specific functions:
One or two Power Inverters to supply the welding current as well as the current to heat up the filler wire in the case of TIG Hot Wire welding applications. Today, inverter sources are state of the art, only surpassed by POLYSOUDE’s unique high performance transistor power source PC-TR.

A programmable control unit which is operated through an integrated micro- or PC-controller.
An integrated or external data acquisition system.

  • P6 HW Advanced - Intelligent, 6-axis Cold and Hot Wire power source + Contact us
    Built-in Arc Voltage Control (AVC) and torch oscillation (OSC), intuitive user interface
  • PC Unique - High power, multi-purpose, multi-axis, multi-process power source + Contact us
    PC power source for orbital and automated welding and weld overlay cladding
    Adaptable to all orbital, automated welding and even cladding applications, high performance power source - simply “no limits”
  • Data acquisition system Advanced - Productivity optimisation and follow-up for P6 and PC power sources + Contact us
    Data acquisition system
    Process tracking, data-recording and archiving for total quality control

Welding manipulators and peripherals

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Integrated solutions

Polysoude provides special solutions where the welding torch is moved into position and the work piece is supported by means of a welding manipulator, such as a positioner or rotator. After having selected the most suitable welding process for your application and requirements, Polysoude offers you integrated automated welding systems, using first class welding manipulators and peripherals, combined with modular electro-mechanical components in the form of welding torches, slides, wire feeders etc. Everything is perfectly synchronized by our dedicated NC-weld control, giving you the guarantee of a perfectly reproducible and traceable automated welding process.

  • Positioner, turntable & pipe supports For circular weld joints with rotating work pieces + Contact us
    Positioners and turntables for automated welding
    Interfaced with our NC-weld control the positioner or rotator becomes part of the integrated system, giving complete synchronisation
  • Column & boom Designed to move the welding head or the welding torch into position + Contact us
    Colum and boom for automated welding installations
    In combination with a positioner or a rotator, both circular and longitudinal welds can be realised in all positions
  • Seam welder Dedicated for butt welding of plates and cylinders + Contact us
    Seam welder for automated welding
    The TIG and particularly the Plasma processes are used with a seam welder. The clamping system aligns and positions both ends to be welded face to face without any gap
  • Welding lathe Dedicated for tube to tube welding + Contact us
    Welding lathe for automated welding
    Thanks to the modular concept, the welding lathe adapts to various diameters, lengths and weights of tubes and pipes
  • Robot Most flexible solutions thanks to multiple tasks robot systems + Contact us
    Robotic solutions for automated welding
    The robot is, by definition, the most versatile torch carrier and can be combined with all kinds of tooling and peripheral equipment, even for most complex weld joint geometries

Electromechanical components, sensors and video

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Essential to the performance of the system

A wide range of electrical and mechanical compatible components for the particular needs of automated welding has been developed and is continually upgraded. The modular components are ready to be interfaced with any welding torch carrier or workpiece manipulator and form, together with our NC-weld control, an integrated system, giving you the guarantee of a perfectly reproducible and traceable automated welding process.

  • Welding torches TIG, Plasma and Narrow Groove torches + Contact us
    Welding torches for automated welding
    We offer the widest range of industrial high quality torches. Polysoude has developed unique test methods and tools to certify the performance of our torches
  • Electromechanical components Motorised positioning slides, wire feeding systems, etc. + Contact us
    Electromechanical components for automated welding
    Compatible and interfaced with our NC-weld controller, all components become part of the integrated system giving complete synchronisation
  • Seam tracker Laser seam tracker (LST) and mechanical seam tracker (MST) + Contact us
    Seam Tracker for automated welding
    Seam tracking is essential in complex welding applications and difficult to access weld seams
  • Video monitoring system High definition and high dynamic + Contact us
    Video monitoring system for automated welding solutions
    For remote welding applications, enabling the operator to follow the weld process accurately under optimised conditions and providing guaranteed traceability

Equipment for Narrow Groove welding

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Narrow Groove TIG welding – an essential process

POLYSOUDE has a comprehensive line of "Narrow Groove" welding torches for all wall thicknesses up to 300 mm and more.
Each torch has a range which enables it to be used from maximum wall thickness (maximum torch insertion depth into the groove) up to completion of surface capping runs.

Two essential approaches and their advantages shall be examined:
– Single stringer bead per layer
– Single oscillation pass per layer

  • Conventional torch Torch with adjustable electrode stick-out + Contact us
    Adapted for wide & narrow groove applications from 0 to 45mm wall thickness
  • OSC-Electrode NG torch with oscillating (OSC) electrode + Contact us
    A line of 3 torches for wall thicknesses from 0 to 150 mm, 0 to 200 mm and finally 0 to 300 mm, with trailing shield assembly for all runs from root to cap.
  • Conventional torch with V2-Gasnozzle Torch with Narrow Groove Nozzle and fixed electrode + Contact us
    Adapted from 0 to 100 mm wall thickness. The V2-Nozzle has the particular feature of being insulated and channelling the gas directly into the groove.

Automation and automatic welding, a field in which Polysoude has taken the lead for over 50 years. For over 50 years, POLYSOUDE has provided customers with its expertise in automated welding with TIG Cold Wire, TIG Hot Wire and PLASMA processes. This long track record has enabled us to develop and enhance a range of “generic and modular tools”, but finally the welding process and the joint characteristics determine the nature of the “tool” for each application. Regardless of whether automated welding machines or robotic installations are required, POLYSOUDE will simply offer you the best. Every industry has different criteria when it comes to welding. Some give priority to manufacturing output and concentrate on MIG welding automation, others demand full traceability of welding parameters and data integration through their network. This is generally the case for the assembly of high value-added, small and medium sized workpieces. Specific applications, such as “Narrow Groove” welding of heavy wall thicknesses, for example, in power plant construction, require the equipment to be reliable at all times and demand a total understanding of the welding process in difficult environmental conditions. The slightest defect on any unique high-cost workpiece can have major consequences. POLYSOUDE’s turnkey solutions are set in place. They comprise of:
  • Technical advice
  • Engineering and manufacturing of equipment
  • Development of welding procedures
  • Other associated services, such as operator training etc.
A POLYSOUDE project manager will support you throughout your project, from drawing up the specification, through the tender stage and right up to the start of production.