Tube End Preparation


What is tube/pipe end preparation?

Tube/pipe end preparation is the critical process, which is key to creating perfect welded joints on tubes and pipes. Preparation may involve: cutting, facing, squaring, beveling or counterboring, but each operation must be carried out consistently and accurately, so that tube preparation is of the same, constant, repeatable quality – time after time!

Accurate tube preparation:

  • Ensures perfect alignment of tubes
  • Produces leak free welded joints
  • Minimises the risk of contamination by creating an optimum seal

Automated welding technologies are directly enhanced by the quality and care invested in tube end preparation.

Where high quality welding is needed, perfect preparation of the pipe is essential!

Why choose Polysoude equipment?

Polysoude together with its partner, PROTEM, offers a wide range of dedicated, state of the art tools, machines and services for efficient, high quality and cost saving tube and pipe end preparation, as well as flange and valve machining.

Our user-friendly mechanised cutting and beveling equipment is:

  • Economically beneficial
  • Available as portable, mobile or stationary .
  • Ensures increased productivity
  • Guarantees first class welding results of qualitative and standardised tube ends.

Furthermore, POLYSOUDE can offer full turnkey solutions, combining orbital welding with the most suitable tube preparation equipment, in order to ensure high-quality and the perfect weld for its customers!

The equipment is suitable for all kinds of applications using orbital welding processes for the preparation of tube ends, flanges and valves, in the following fields:

  •    Aeronautics / Aerospace
  •    Chemical
  •    Food-processing
  •    Fossil fuel power plants
  •    Heat exchangers / Boilers
  •    Nuclear power plant, construction & maintenance
  •    Oil & gas exploration, transformation & transport
  •    Pharmaceutical
  •    Renewable energy
  •    Semiconductors

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