Weld overlay/cladding

Cladding of manifolds and other workpieces

Mastering even the most complex workpieces

TIG overlay cladding technology is an advantageous way to satisfy the increasing demand for metallurgical bond CRA manifolds or other workpieces. It is of a suitable quality for production systems and for crude oil exploration. 100% defect-free CRA depositions, reasonable investments, increased efficiency and high flexibility are the reasons why companies have chosen and are successfully using POLYSOUDE’s unique cladding technology in their production processes.

Turnkey solutions for cladding of manifolds and other workpieces

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Vertical weld overlay / cladding

Installations designed for cladding in a vertical position (2G) are usually dedicated to perform cladding operations on cylindrical parts. In most cases the workpieces are positioned on a turntable or positioner. However, there are other, much more complex scenarios, where it is impossible to set the workpieces in motion, either due to their size and weight, or quite simply because of their geometry (e.g. eccentric bore holes or nozzles). A group of endlessly rotating collector welding and cladding heads, with torches which can be rotated without twisting the cable/hose bundles, has been specifically designed for such situations. These machines handle cladding operations on fixed workpieces with a high level of automation.
For even more complex workpiece geometries, such as manifolds with intersections or cross sections, ‘bore-to-bore’ functions, supported by Polysoude’s CN-Controller can complete the installation.

  • Cladding Rig for rotating workpieces 3C – Compact Cladding Center Conventional solution adapted for most cylindric and circular workpieces + Contact us
    Cladding Rig for rotating workpieces
    The workpiece is positioned on a turntable and the cladding lance installed together with the x/y-positioning slides at the end of the column and boom.
  • Cladding Rig with endlessly rotating welding head The most flexible solution adapted for non-rotating symmetric workpieces + Contact us
    Cladding Rig with endlessly rotating SPX welding head
    The SPX head allows endless torch rotation and self-centering of the torch while the workpiece remains stationary.

Cladding Torches And Lances For Manifolds And Other Workpieces

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The key to a successful system

The performance of a weld overlay cladding installation is defined by the duty cycle and reliability of its cladding torch or lance. Polysoude’s core business is the optimisation of the TIG and TIGer technology, through the development of specific welding and cladding torches. When new torches are designed, the validation of performance levels in relation to essential functions such as duty cycle, gas shielding, video monitoring etc. is vital.
During the design process, multiple variants can be created, in order to meet whatever constraints are encountered.
Benefiting from the experience acquired, Polysoude has overcome issues relating to design costing and timing, by developing a range of industrialised standard torches which guarantee reliability. The torch and lance design includes the camera solution, thus allowing for the continuous surveillance of the process, in order to guarantee easy operation and zero defects.

  • TIGer Lance High productivity Bi-Cathode HW lance + Contact us
    TIGer lance for cladding torches and lances for manifolds and other workpieces
    For medium and large bore
  • TIG HW lance Conventional TIG HW lance + Contact us
    TIG HW lance for weld overlay cladding
    For small bore
  • MSO TIG HW torch Motorised stick out for continuous cladding of ring grooves + Contact us
    MSO TIG HW torch for weld overlay cladding
    Programmable, optimised electrode stick-out
How to meet the requirements for advanced metallurgical quality In many applications the type of base material does not meet the requirements of sufficient resistance against corrosion and abrasion which are caused by the chemical composition of fluids and mechanical impacts of particles. A number of alloys with a proven record of successful applications are known to provide satisfactory protection against attacks. These materials are referred to as Corrosion Resistant Alloys (CRA).  This group comprises austenitic and martensitic stainless steels as well as nickel-base and titanium-base alloys. Whether your cladding application can be better solved by rotating the workpiece or the cladding torch, a wide choice of approved cladding tools and peripheral devices is available:
  • Collector-equipped cladding and welding heads which allow endless rotation of the torch or lance.
  • The POLYSOUDE NC-controller which synchronises all movements of the column & boom, the positioner and the welding head, in order to position the cladding torch or lance.
The complete turnkey solution includes:
  • mature welding and cladding torches and lances
  • as well as peripheral manipulators for the rotation and positioning of the workpiece.
The process of TIG welding (particularly TIG Hot Wire cladding applications) has been made more efficient thanks to a recent development, known as TIGer technology. It is based on a new torch design. Whilst a common TIG torch has one single tungsten electrode, the distinct TIGer torch is equipped with two electrodes. Each electrode is supplied with current by its own power source. The position of the electrodes (with the tips next to each other) generates a single arc.