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Precision Welding: Unveiling the UHP 1000

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P3 UHP – The perfect solution for High Purity at Italian National Welding Days – Nr 12

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P3 UHP – Smart welding Station P3 UHP for orbital welding in High and Ultra Hight Purity environments (UHP)

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Heat Exchanger World: Solutions for automated tube-to-tubesheet welding

Polysoude's article tube to tubesheet orital TIG welding mecanised instead of manual healt exchanger world magazine
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ITER inside the Tokamak assembly pit Polysoude machines faultlessly and seamlessly TIG welding

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Polysoude TIGer: Now Delivering the Future of Weld Cladding!

Cladding Welding overlay TIGer torche

All the companies involved in Weld Overlay market dream of reliable solutions, able to deposit just the required thickness of Corrosion [...]

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Fast, reliable and economic: TIG overlay welding of large components

The French company Polysoude has recently developed a process with the goal to increase the productivity of TIG overlay welding operations to an [...]

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Assurance of quality welds for manufacturer and customer

In its manufacturing of components for high grade stainless steel tube systems in the field of hygienic applications, Dockweiler, worldwide leader in the manufacture of components for high quality stainless steel tube systems for semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, [...]
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Cooling towers: When experts work together…

Hamon d’Hondt is a company that manufactures finned tubes for cooling towers, welded tubes of all types such as spiral fins, parallel fins (carbon steel, alloy steels, cast iron sleeves), cooling towers, air condensers, energy savers, air and fume heaters, sets of finned [...]
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Orbital TIG welding technique ensures quality and productivity

Polysoude’s Orbital TIG welding is renowned for outstanding quality and reliability, especially under harsh environmental conditions and severe time restraints. This was shown by the Ruhlermoor project, completed in Northern Germany in 2017. The project involved laying 10.7k [...]
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