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Artículo de prensa sobre Polysoude y T-Drill publicado en la revista Heat Exchanger World

Polysoude's article tube to tubesheet orital TIG welding mecanised instead of manual healt exchanger world magazine
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ITER inside the Tokamak assembly pit Polysoude machines faultlessly and seamlessly TIG welding

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Cooling towers: When experts work together…

Hamon d’Hondt is a company that manufactures finned tubes for cooling towers, welded tubes of all types such as spiral fins, parallel fins (carbon steel, alloy steels, cast iron sleeves), cooling towers, air condensers, energy savers, air and fume heaters, sets of finned [...]
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Orbital TIG welding technique ensures quality and productivity (English version)

Polysoude’s Orbital TIG welding is renowned for outstanding quality and reliability, especially under harsh environmental conditions and severe time restraints. This was shown by the Ruhlermoor project, completed in Northern Germany in 2017. The project involved laying 10.7k [...]
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BrauBeviale 2018 Trade Show in Nuremberg

The Brau Beviale trade show enables participants in the food industry — especially the beverage sector — to present their latest innovations across the production chain, from equipment installation to the finished product. This trade show will give Polysoude a chance to [...]
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Polysoude Sales Awards 2018 (English Version)

Sales Awards 2018
On 26th March, Polysoude organised the second edition of the Polysoude Sales Awards at the company headquarters in Nantes. Being the industry leader in conception, fabrication, and commercialisation of arc welding equipment for all welding and cladding applications, Polysoude [...]
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Orbital TIG welding (English Version)

Orbital welding application in the Oil&Gas field
When high quality welds are required, orbital TIG welding is the ideal technology for tube-to-tube or tube-to-tubesheet welding applications. With or without filler wire, this is a stable, reliable process that can be used on a wide range of materials such as carbon steel, [...]
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Mechanized and Automated TIG Welding (English Version)

TIG welding offers the possibility to work with or without filler wire. Using mechanized or automated TIG welding equipment, any desired quantity of welds can be produced, with sustained reproducibility and with each individual joint exceeding the requirements of the strictest [...]
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Dual TIG overlay story in Shop Metalworking Technology Magazine (English version)

Combining two TIG electrodes to provide better heat to the weld overlay process, Polysoude’s TIGer system boasts deposition rates of up to 5.8 kg/hr. A variant of TIG hot wire welding, “we combine two tungsten electrodes into the same torch. This new torch, [...]

Focusing on the Schweißen & Schneiden fair 2017: Polysoude, another step forward…. (English version)

Every 4 years, the cutting, welding and weld overlay industry comes together for the unmissable event: “Schweißen & Schneiden”. This event, being the biggest in the industry, is a precious occasion to get a complete overview of the most recent developments and [...]

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