About Polysoude

Company presentation

POLYSOUDE designs, manufactures and markets all kinds of equipment using arc welding processes


  • Orbital welding: tube to tube and tube to tubesheet in every size and wall thickness
  • Automated welding: TIG Hot or Cold Wire – Plasma
  • Weld overlay / cladding: TIG or TIGer Hot or Cold Wire
  • Tube End Preparation
  • Services sales: Rental, Training, Maintenance, Spare parts
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Results are high quality, value-added, innovative and technically proven solutions, in response to the demands of the manufacturing industry. The company is always at the cutting edge of R&D: thanks to our experts’ combination of experience, technical knowledge and creativity, we develop highly inventive solutions such as the TIGer bi-cathode weld overlay technology.

Our products are used within industrial fields sectors, demanding the highest levels of quality control, such as :

  • Aeronautics
  • Aerospace
  • Chemical
  • Defence
  • Food-processing
  • Fossil fuel power plants
  • Heat exchangers / Boilers
  • Naval construction
  • Nuclear fuel & waste
  • Nuclear power plant, construction & maintenance
  • Oil & gas exploration, transformation & transport
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Railway, automobile & other transport
  • Renewable energy
  • Sales partners
  • Semiconductors
  • Small & medium scale production
  • Water desalination & purification

Ahead of the field, but close at hand – when it comes to understanding the manufacturers’ problems…

POLYSOUDE has only one objective: to optimise productivity and the quality of its customers’ products by developing new, specifically tailored solutions, to solve their most acute problems. We are able to commit to this undertaking, by making in-depth studies of customers’ specific needs, based on our knowledge of the subject and our technological expertise. This enables us to contribute towards the development of our customers’ industrial added value by constantly improving their welding techniques in every possible way.

Cultivating a sense of service

In addition to our technological innovations, we maintain close contact with our customers, from both a geographical and cultural point of view. In our commitment to the search for excellence, we listen to them, analyse their needs and provide support through a large range of services including customer training and advice.

Looking back on a rich history

For more than 60 years now, Polysoude has continued to evolve, enabling its customers to benefit from its wealth of experience and increasing worldwide presence. Here are some milestones :

  • 1961 - Foundation of POLYSOUDE, pioneering the design and manufacturing of orbital welding equipment
  • 1979 - Takeover by the German group MESSER, a global player in welding and cutting
  • 1993 - Acquisition of ASTRO ARC Inc., creating ASTRO ARC POLYSOUDE Inc. in the USA
  • 1996 - Opening of our POLYSOUDE UK OFFICE
  • 1998 - Polysoude becomes a member of the Global Welding Technology Group AG
  • 2000 - Opening of our POLYSOUDE BENELUX OFFICE
  • 2004 - Opening of our Chinese subsidiary - POLYSOUDE SHANGHAI Co. Ltd
  • 2005 - Opening of our Austrian subsidiary - POLYSOUDE AUSTRIA GmbH
  • 2006 - Opening of our Russian subsidiary - POLYSOUDE WT 000 in Moscow
  • 2006 - Opening of our Swiss subsidiary - POLYSOUDE SWITZERLAND Ltd
  • 2007 - Opening of our Italian subsidiary - POLYSOUDE ITALIA S.R.L.
  • 2008 - ISO 9001: 2000 certification
  • 2009 - Opening of our POLYSOUDE INDIA OFFICE
  • 2011 - Opening of our German subsidiary - POLYSOUDE DEUTSCHLAND GmbH
  • 2013 - Opening of our POLYSOUDE IBERIA OFFICE
  • 2013 - Opening of the Polysoude Welding Technology Centre PTW in Russia
  • 2013 - Polysoude’s innovation of the unique TIGer weld overlay cladding technology
  • 2014 - Opening of the Polysoude Technology Centre in Switzerland
  • 2015 - First endlessly rotating SPX TIGer weld overlay system with numerical control
  • 2015 - ISO 9001: 2008 certification
  • 2017 - Development of the video supervision with WDR sensor for welding and weld overlay
  • 2018 - Launch of PolyClad product range, weld overlay solutions.
  • 2018 - ISO 9001: 2015 certification
  • 2019 - Industry 4.0: Moving towards more communicating and smart power sources
  • 2019 - Partnership with PROTEM
  • 2020 - Opening of our Dutch subsidiary - POLYSOUDE BENELUX B.V.
  • 2021 - ISO 9001: certification for the 15th consecutive year


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Polysoude – member of the Global Welding Technologies Group AG

The GWT Group specialises in orbital, automated and robotised welding solutions. It covers all requested technical competences and has its own world wide sales and service network.

Leader in orbital and automated welding and weld overlay / cladding using the TIG, TIGer and Plasma processes.

Expert in compact welding cells, customised welding robot systems, bevelling machines and flexible manufacturing lines.

Skills and performance in production combining cutting and welding.

Master of electro beam technology and related automation.

GWT Group: all expertise combined in the field of automatic welding and weld overlay / cladding