Advertising material catalogue

This page is dedicated to Polysoude employees, as well as subsidiaries and resellers wishing to obtain advertising and marketing material.These requests should be made when restocking stock or attending an event (trade fair, conference, etc.).

This page and the associated forms replace the old PDF forms on Sharepoint.

If you already know what material you want, you can go directly to the order form using the buttons below. If not, the catalogue of our range of communication and marketing material can be found afterwards.

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Advertising items catalogue

giveaway and promotional marketing items

Pen Light pen
Polysoude Bag

(The insert can be adapted for an event on request)



Hard-back note pad Welding mask
Corporate lanyard

(exhibitions / events)



USB Stick (client gift)

To distribute to special contacts in person, or to transfer information.

Polysoude T-Shirt


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Promotion tools


Please contact Xavier Le Roux or Maria Francheteau for more information

Polysoude logo stickers
01 - Large format

39.4 x 4.5 cm

02 - Medium format

19.7 x 2.5 cm - 10 per sheet

03 - Medium format (transparent)

21 x 3.8 cm - 7 per sheet

04 - Small format

8 x 2 cm - 10 per sheet

05 - Extra small format

7.5 x 1 cm - 7 per sheet

06  - Sample stickers (silver background)

4.57 x 2.12 cm - 48 per sheet

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Polysoude logos (PVC)

01 - 150 x 20 cm 02 - 100 x 20 cm
03 - 45 x 10 cm


Display and accessories for events

Pop-up stand (3 x 2 m)

Foldable documentation display


Helium Balloon ø 2,0 m

Ref.: 100053589

To send back after use

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Roller banners






Weld overlay

Narrow Gap welding

MW Series


TS 34 Tubesheet application

TS 8/75

TS 8/75 - Air Coolers

TS 8/75 - Low Protruding Tubes

Polycar 30


Polycar Narrow Gap

Automated Welding

Eye of the TIGer

TIGer Technology

PolyClad Easy

PolyClad 3C

PolyClad SPX

PolyClad Twin TIGer "C"

PolyClad Twin TIGer "L"

PolyClad C&B


Synchronisation DAQbox Polyview


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