15 / 04 / 2021

Download our latest white paper on Orbital TIG welding tubes and fittings “Tube-Accessory Connections”

Polysoude white book orbital TIG welding tubes and fittings cover picture

New Polysoude free resource on orbital TIG welding written by Mr Jean-Pierre Barthoux, Head of the Welding Research and Development Department.

Among the burning questions: how to improve orbital tube to accessories connection in TIG welding, our welding expert wrote a mine of useful information with State-of-the-art techniques about preparation in TIG welding. It includes the complete descriptions on different types of machining, welding of the root pass and special cases to help you to be more productive and precise when joining tube and accessories with orbital TIG welding.

Discover some extracts here!

You can download your FREE WHITE PAPER copy of the Tubes and Fittings Orbital TIG Welding from our download page

There are various methods of cutting and preparating tube and pipe ends for further process. Hence, Polysoude together with PROTEM offers a wide range of portable equipment faciliting such operations.

More information on our tube end preparation page.