24 / 05 / 2019

New supports for orbital welding heads

Tired of untidy workbenches? Or looking for user-friendly supports to hold your favourite welding heads?

Polysoude presents its brand new range of professional accessories: Orbital welding head supports and holders.

To assure secure fixation and prevent damages on your welding heads, we are pleased to offer now our new supports, which can also be part of a complete professional solution. These packages can include the welding head, the TCIs and the support for workbench or welding table.

In order to adapt to any application for MW and UHP 250 and 500 welding heads, these supports are available with quick-release clamp or bracket for bench vice. Made from a qualitative aluminum frame, supports include rubber shims compatible for both UHP and MW welding heads.


For the UHP 625 welding head, a dedicated holder for workbench or welding table is now available, too.

Orbital welding head support workbench

Ready to find out more about our new welding head supports? Just click on the link below.

Looking forward to bringing professionalism always further in your workshop.

Welding head support Mounting scheme (6)
Welding head support Polysoude UHP 625