Seven facts to know about cleanrooms and UHP

As a part of specialised industrial production or scientific research, some equipment requires extremely pristine conditions to be built, for example, semiconductor processing. These particular conditions can be reached in a special facility called cleanroom, which has to meet very strict ISO strandards. To know more about this Ultra High Purity environment, we made an infographic presenting seven facts about cleanrooms.

To know more about cleanrooms, check out our infographic just below

Polysoude infographic 7 seven facts to know about cleanrooms and TIG welding in high and ultra high purity environments

Discover the Polysoude Ultra High Purity orbital welding universe.

Early 2021, we have expanded our product range build to weld in cleanrooms in an Ultra High Purity environment.

More information about Ultra High Purity environment available on our video channel.

Discover the new P3 UHP Smart Welding Station and the history below it's development. Product caracteristics available here!

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