21 / 10 / 2020

Rent to Develop Your Activity

At Polysoude, we believe in providing a tailor-made service for our customers - our aim is to always go above and beyond. Because we know that sometimes buying a product isn’t necessarily the best option, we also offer a  hiring service where we hire out all our products instead of selling them.

Renting, yes, but why?

Worth a read: When you are considering your next project, it is best to take a good look at your specific needs, especially in tough business times like we are living now.

  • No high capital outlay:

Instead of having to buy a product outright, it can be hired for a set period for a much lower price.

  • Test it / buy it policy:

Try on rental basis our equipment before buying it.

  • Avoid depreciation of your machinery value:

If you are only planning to use the equipment a few times, you might be much better off hiring rather than buying something that's just going to gather dust!

  • No repair or maintenance costs:

You always hire serviced and calibrated product and if faulty there will be a short wait on getting repaired, the piece of equipment will be quickly assessed and replaced where deemed necessary.

  • Access to best quality products and latest technology:

No need to compromise on buying used equipment, just hire top-notch equipment and get the full benefit of it!

  • Absorb production peak:

For a one-off project or a large order to be delivered, this is the ideal way to have highly productive equipment without affecting your cash flow.

For all these reasons, Polysoude has gathered a wide range of equipment available for you:

- Immediately available
- Recent, reliable, and serviced equipment
- Available from UHP small diameter tubing to thickest tube walls with hot-wire welding PC Smart Welding Station


This allows you to ‘hire’ a product, such as a welding power sources and specific welding heads and use it for as long as you really need it for.

Or contact now our team for rental or leasing offers of orbital & automated welding and weld overlay equipment:

Discover the polysoude Rental Service.

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