01 / 07 / 2021

Smart Welding Station P3 UHP, built for orbital welding in High and ultra High Purity environments

P3 UHP Smart Welding Station operated in a cleanroom by a protected welder with a TIG orbital tube a fittings welding in ultra high purity

In February 2021, Polysoude has announced the release of a new Smart Welding Station, the P3 UHP. This newcomer in our orbital welding range has been entirely thought and designed by our teams to meet the increasing needs of the High and Ultra-High Purity markets such as the semiconductor, autonomous cars or medical industry.

Read the article "Smart Welding Station P3 UHP for orbital welding in high and ultra-high purity environments" and discover the history of the P3 UHP, the lightest Smart welding station dedicated to orbital TIG welding on the market.

Download the brochure and discover all specifications of the new P3 UHP Smart Welding Station: Download section

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