The Connected Pipeshop of Tomorrow: Introducing Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Welcome to The Connected Pipeshop 4.0, a connected solution that will enable the industrial piping design of tomorrow!

The Connected Pipeshop of tomorrow is a unique partnership between four companies. Those companies offer a new intelligent planning solution, fully integrated with industrial piping design. Thus the target of this project is to reach a perfect execution from drawing up the plans to welding through connectivity but also to the automation of manufacturing processes.

A partnership to introduce a new way of manufacturing thanks to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), interconnectivity and Industry 4.0.

In this solution, information flows seamlessly from the project specifications to the pipe planning, then to the simulation, the pipe isometrics and finally to the prefabrication in the workshop.

Thanks to this synergy, our customers can now dive into Industry 4.0 and control their entire process chain: from development to production by including the planning of production resources right from the design of the tube assemblies.

Discover the actors of this industry 4.0 :


Productivity Plant design


Pipe bending solutions


Tube and pipe fabrication solutions


Orbital welding solutions

More details about the Connected Pipeshop?

Discover more about the concept of the Connected Pipeshop of tomorrow thanks to the explanations of the different people involved in the project. The video presentation of the smart manufacturing presented here was made during the first presentation of the Connected Pipeshop of tomorrow. This presentation gave rise to a workshop held in Polyoude’s premises in Nantes in May 2022.

Interested in the Connected Pipeshop of Tomorrow? 

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