23 / 02 / 2023

Great Product Update: New Generation P6 Smart Welding Station

Welcome to the factory of the future, welcome to Smart Manufacturing!

Let’s master the digital future of welding and increase your competitive edge with Polysoude latest connected power supplies. With new features onboard our latest Smart Welding Station, you can increase equipment utilisation, reduce manufacturing gaps, manage your fleet and visualise live welding data!

Forecasted to meet the latest industrial needs of IoT, the latest generation of our P6 power supply will show you the way toward Industry 4.0! With its new ergonomic wireless touchscreen controller and improved connectivity, the 4th version of the P6 combines a durable power source and all the benefits of Industry 4.0

Smart manufacturing in action? This means for you:  

  • Innovation: Thanks the latest technology of connectivity hardware, all our welding power sources are now communicating. Build-in OPC-UA technology is now available through a simple activation key (optional).
  • Agility: Connect and collaborate internally and externally with your welding equipment. Minimize costs and effort to expand or improve your processes.
  • Risk Management: Monitor the welding quality remotely and extract comprehensive data of welding. Link information and operational technology.
  • Productivity: Identify where your Smart Welding Stations are: adjust the schedule and inventory on the fly!


Specifications: Unique level of precision 1 A when I ≤ 100 A and ± 1 % when I > 100 A, three-phased 400 - 415 V ± 15 % - 50 / 60 Hz, range 5 to 300A, wireless touchscreen controller, only 75kg, with Torch Oscillation Control (OSC) and Arc Voltage Control (AVC)?. Learn more about the P6 here.

Also available: TIG Smart Welding Station up 520 A model "P6-HW Hot Wire version"
As well P3 and P4 Smart Welding Stations - single phased autotransformer 115-230V, portable with or without filler wire control


Watch the video to know more: 



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