11 / 05 / 2022

TCI with Innovative Tool-Free Quick-Lock Mechanism for MW orbital welding heads

TCI with new Innovative Tool-Free Quick-Lock Mechanism

Ergonomics is a significant aspect of our daily life. After listening to our customers and focusing on improving the user experience of our products, we have designed a new feature that will significantly simplify and enhance the use of MW closed chamber welding heads: the Snap’in TCI’s

Innovative Tool-Free Quick-Lock Mechanism: TCI now releases with a simple push-pull motion! A fast and easy way to lock and unlock TCIs! All Polysoude TCIs are fully compatible with the new Quick-Lock Mechanism

Polysoude TCIs (Tube Clamp Insert)

  • Lifetime guarantee (titanium)
  • Compliant with hygienic and high purity requirements
  • Compatible with every standard tube O.D. size and tolerance
  • Available both in metric and imperial sizes




Want to know more about the new Snap’in TCI’s?

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