10 / 04 / 2022

P3 UHP: The ultimate ultra portable Smart Welding Station


After a successful launch and almost 1 year of sales, we have been able to get consistent feedback from the market about our latest Smart Welding Station, the P3 UHP, dedicated to Semicon & life science markets.

At only 16.7 kg, this lightweight orbital welding power source has become the indispensable tool for welding on site, even in the most confined spaces.

Its size, its state-of-the-art design both in the "high purity" field and its “Industry 4.0 ready” features make it the best product on the market thanks to great mobility while being powerful and very easy to use.

Orbital welding guarantees impeccable quality and infinite repeatability of welds. Today, the P3 UHP confirms that manual welding can be easily replaced by orbital welding with unparalleled portability, versatility and ease of use.

P3 UHP Smart Welding Station MW Portable Mobility
P3 UHP smart welding station Mobility Tonnoir portable portability low weight

Want to know more about the P3 Smart Welding Station?

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