20 / 04 / 2017

Successful riser test with the “Cladiator” by Polysoude

Cladiator-news - Copie

For the Appomattox project of Shell Houston, Polysoude and SME Cladding BV joined their forces and knowledge to develop an internal bore cladding machine for a riser up to a length of 19 meters and weight of 25 T.

Bringing ID-cladding up to the next level, the installation called ‘Cladiator’ has been developed and manufactured by Polysoude. All the five risers for the project have been completed without any defects and in record time:

  • Welding speed = 800mm/min
  • Around 70hours to clad 1 riser of around 17,5m length with 2 layers (1,5mm and 2,2mm thickness respectively)