Secure Video-Expertise Platform for real-time assistance


In order to respond as efficiently as possible to our customers' needs for remote assistance / diagnosis / training / advice, Polysoude has developed a video-expertise platform (Apizee).

Our platform is 100% web-based, no software installation or application is required from your side. Everything is secure and completely locked.



Please find below some first information to help you better understand our platform and make the best out of this tool.

    • A device connected to the internet (PC, mobile or tablet)
    • A camera (built-in or external)
    • A microphone (built-in or external)
    • Speakers or head phones

Everything must be functional and tested before the first connection to the video-expertise

    • When starting a video-expertise, a default browser window will open on your device (PC, mobile or tablet).
  • Activating the camera and microphone
    • In accordance with the French Data Protection Act, at the start of the video-expertise you will receive a pop-up window in the browser to authorise access to the microphone and camera of your device.
    • A manual action from your side is therefore required here and the video expertise cannot start without your prior authorization. By default, the video expertise will deploy the rear camera of your device.
  • Storage of data from the video-expertise
    • As part of the video-expertise, media (photos or videos) will be recorded on Apizee's servers.
    • You will have the possibility to download the media during the video-expertise, the data will then be saved locally on the device used (PC, mobile or tablet).

 You can also ask the accompanying expert for the media taken during the video-expertise.

  • RGPD compliant solution
    The Apizee platform offers RGPD compliant solutions and guarantees:

    • Encryptions of personal data.
    • The ability to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability and resilience of systems and services that process personal data.
    • The ability to restore data and ensure timely access to data in the event of a physical or technical incident
  • In this context, your following rights are preserved:
    • The right of access to your personal data
    • The right to object
    • The right to rectify your personal data
    • The right to be forgotten
    • The right to portability of your personal data
    • The right to refuse profiling or automated decisions
    • The right to limit the processing of your personal data
  • Data security
    • The data streams exchanged during video-expertise (audio and video streams) are encrypted and secured to ensure data confidentiality.


If you have any questions about our video expertise platform, please contact